Superior Technologies for Optimal User Security

We provide a comprehensive selection of products and services from standard camera solutions to advanced cloud, AI, Biometric and wireless technologies.


Imageonix Technologies

With Imageonix Technologies, you can ensure maximum security with innovative solutions that include the following:

  • Biometric Identification
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Video Surveillance

i3 International Inc.

Discover superior digital surveillance products and remarkable customer service at i3 International Inc. The trusted manufacturer offers solutions that provide the following:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Powerful Video Surveillance
  • Social Health Analytics Solutions

Tatung Company

This trusted multinational innovator provides CCTV monitors and video imaging products for security and industrial application.

ProActive-CCTV Data Storage and Monitoring

Discover highly effective services that offer maximum user protection. ProActive-CCTV has developed and patented surveillance technologies for the following areas:

  • CCTV Cloud Storage
  • CCTV Data Back-up
  • Long Term CCTV Storage
  • System Health Monitoring and Management

WCCTV: Wireless CCTV Ltd

This leading developer specifically designed superior video systems to operate over cellular networks for the following uses:

  • Body Cameras
  • Surveillance
  • Time-Lapse

IronYun, Inc.

IronYun, Inc. provides a platform for artificial intelligence-enabled video analytics used in the following:

  • Access Control
  • Safety & Security
  • Search & Identify
  • Counting and Behavior
  • License Plate Capture
  • Social Health Analytics

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