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We are amidst the 4th Industrial Revolution and technology is evolving faster than ever. Don’t get left behind! Learn how these innovative technologies are shaping the future.


ProActive-CCTV: Data Storage And Monitoring

Discover highly effective services that offer maximum user protection. ProActive-CCTV has developed and patented surveillance technologies for the following areas:

  • CCTV Cloud Storage
  • CCTV Data Back-up
  • Long Term CCTV Storage
  • System Health Monitoring and Management

emCall: Live Fearlessly

With emCall on your Apple or Android phone, you’ll have a virtual lifeline, wherever you are in the United States. Whether you need police or medical help, you are only three taps away from our world-class monitoring center.

Epilog AI: The Future of Digital Imaging

Capture crystal clear footage that exceeds the capacity of the human eye. The company merges patented ultra-high-definition imaging technologies, artificial intelligence, and social health analytics to develop inventive solutions for modern-day imaging challenges.

Watchnet IOT: Internet of Things

Reimagine digital productivity with flexible data monitoring solutions. With advanced features such as wireless environmental monitoring and people tracking, users can experience a new level of efficiency, anywhere, anytime.

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