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Russound New

New Streaming Audio Player  


XZone 70 Volt Streaming Mixer Amplifier

The New HTP-7.2 Home Theater Plate

XStream Satisfaction

       The XSource Streaming Audio Player, a multi-use streaming media 
solution with a tiny form factor for easy integration with external amplifiers or whole-house receivers. browser-based configuration, using a 
smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

The XZone4 Four-Stream, Four-Zone Audio System is a Complete streaming 
media solution that gives Russound installers a single-box package that is easy to install via a simple browser-based configuration, using a smartphone, 
tablet, or laptop.
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The NEW XZone70V Streaming Mixer Amplifier
          The Russound XZone70V features built-in XStream technology,
enabling popular streaming content from the cloud, home network, AirPlay™ enabled tablets and phones - all from a single component. The built-in audio streamer offers the best audio content from the internet or even a user’s personal networked audio collection using DLNA. The rear panel even includes a USB port for playing content from a Flash Drive or an externally powered USB hard drive
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          The New HTP-7.2 Home Theater Plate is now available!
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