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Metro Sales Group


 Metro Sales Group has the unique ability, due to the background of the Co-owners, William Higgins, Allan Liers  and our staff, to offer Business Development Services as well as a traditional Sales Representative Organization.

Marketing Strategies       Metro Sales Group can help layout and develop plans to increase and                                                                         attain  sales and profit goals to your specific objectives.

 Sales Strategies              Metro Sales Group will help you too identify your target markets and guide                                                                    you to understand your particular product target distribution channels.

 Partnership Strategies     Metro Sales Group will help you partner with industry related Distribution                                                                      channels  as  well as complementary product associations.

1. Market Segment Identification and Strategy implementation on How to accomplish your goals
2. Competitive Analysis
3. Consultant Contacts
4. Key Integrator Contacts
5. Identifying Key Distributors, Markets they service.
6. Getting Geographic Coverage with a National Rep. Network
7. Provide End User Information.  Include Targeted End Users, Vertical Markets, Government Agencies
8. Selling through Contracts as well as Bids
9. Ability to Travel with you and Introduce You to Selected Personnel

" Metro Sales Group can help you reach your marketing and sales objectives at “Lower Sales & Marketing Costs”
 Contact our Sales & Marketing Professionals
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