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Integrated Security Corp


Manufacturer of the infinity 2020, the premier fence mounted intrusion detection system. 
Since 1987, our fence mounted systems have been protecting some of the most sensitive sites in the United States.

Traditionally, the cost of high performance perimeter systems was limited to large or high-risk locations. 
Now, Hydra delivers this level of protection - and more - to any customers needing to protect their assets and property. Because of its significantly reduced component costs, our patented Hydra offers low-cost installation for smaller sites while delivering a near zero false alarm rate. 
For the very first time, mainstream security customers have access to highly reliable and affordable perimeter and outdoor asset protection thanks to the Hydra Asset Protection System from Integrated Security Corporation.

Integrated Security does more than supply equipment.  They also provide system design, installation and training
                           Infinity 2020                                                      Hydra Asset Protection