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Access Control

  "Perimeter Protection Systems"  Manufacturer of the infinity 2020, the premier fence mounted intrusion detection system.  In addition, ISC offers the Cias digital microwave sensors whose performance far exceeds traditional analog style microwaves. We also serve as the North American warranty center for these sensors.

    Zero-Contact Fingerprint Technology Offers a Better Way to Collect Fingerprints than Old-fashioned Contact Fingerprint Devices, Delivering:
High-speed collection! Better performance with aged and worn fingerprints  - Better interoperability (than between contact fingerprint devices) - Capture quality that is independent of the operator. Improved hygiene - Less maintenance. Ease of use for real people
No hot or cold surfaces to touch (and no static shock!)
  A world leader in the field of automated secure entrance control, designs and manufactures pedestrian, vehicle and passenger access control equipment.

   The new Fermax monitor is even simpler and more functional. 
A synthesis that takes design and performance to their most essential expressions,
in a monitor specially designed for those users who decide to take the leap into video.
 Advanced Detection is now a world leader in the design and engineering of under vehicle inspection systems. All Advanced Detection products are sourced, manufactured and serviced in the USA.